I give a fuck. I give lots of fucks, actually. I’m a prostitute of feelings.


Kick Drum Heart // The Avett Brothers

It’s not the chase that I love
It’s me following you


sometimes i get the urge to be really nasty and mean and say mean things and then i go to do it and i cant its like. im too soft. im not punk rock at all. i lied. i lied to you all. i lied on the internet. im not hardcore. im possibly soft grunge but thats about it

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I’m thinking…maybe you and I could partner up.

New Jersey, 05/08/14

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Why do adults think “So what’s your major? Oh, and what are you going to do with that?” is acceptable small talk

What am I going to do with my degree? Hang it on the wall and cry, probably


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I can’t go to parties because I turn into a pumpkin at midnight

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